July 14, 2010
Laurie discusses irrationality in both humans and capuchins–see if there is anything they share. Read the article here.
July 2, 2010
Laurie discusses our research with capuchin monkeys. Watch the video here.
February 9, 2010
Laurie addresses the question of “Why Capuchins?” and many more on Big Think. Watch the video here.
December 8, 2009
See Laurie in Nova’s episode of “The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers.” Watch the video here.
December 3, 2009
Watch students talk about their work at the Cayo Santiago field site. Watch the video here.
October 23, 2007
Dan Jones discusses our study on cognitive dissonance on his blog, The Proper Study of Mankind: A blog on evolution, philosophy, and human nature. Read the blog post here.