Meet the Lemurs

Mongoose lemurs (Eulemur mongoz)

Mongoose lemurs have soft grey-brown fur with a pale grey muzzle and black nose. The males have reddish-brown cheeks, while females have whitish cheeks. They usually live in small groups, consisting of a male and female up to three immature young.

Bamboo Lemurs (Hapalemur grisieus)

Bamboo lemurs are found in Madagascar, where they range through the eastern rainforests. Hapalemur grisieus is the smallest of the bamboo lemurs. This species has a grey body sometimes with a reddish tinge to the head. Bamboo lemurs live mostly in pairs or small social groups consisting of 3-6 individuals. This species lives on bamboo, consuming the leaves, which are high in silica and contain high levels of cyanide.

Red-Ruffed Lemurs (Varecia rubra)

Red-ruffed lemurs are one of the largest primates of Madagascar. This species is dark red and black in color with a white patch on the back of the neck. Ruffed lemurs are mainly fruit eaters and usually live in small family groups of up to ten individuals that include an adult male and female and their offspring.

Ring-tailed Lemurs (Lemur catta)

Ring-tailed lemurs are prosimian primates native to Madagascar. Ring-tailed lemurs have a gray-furred body with white belly and a black and white ringed tail that can weigh up to eight pounds. Ring-tailed lemurs are diurnal and inhabit both the ground and the trees. They form groups of up to 25 individuals.

Brown Lemurs (Eulemur fulvus)

Brown lemurs are prosimians native to Madagascar. Brown lemurs are sexually dichromatic. Males are gray to gray-brown in color and have a reddish crown. Females are reddish-brown. Brown lemurs, like all true lemurs, have long furry tails and binocular vision. This species has a scent gland located at their wrist which they use in olfactory communication.